Assignment 4


Modify the Braitenberg vehicle so that it has a different visual appearance.


Create multiple simultaneous Braitenberg vehicles that have different rules. Currently, there is only one type of vehicle active at a time.


Create a vehicle that responds to multiple sense modalities. The best way to do this is to overlay multiple grounds, each with its own source types (e.g. sound, light, heat, etc.). Create a class to represent sensory fields (grounds).


Make vehicles also be sources, so that vehicles respond to each other. One way to do this is to place a moving light source on each vehicle. You can choose to make the light source visible, or sum the moving sources into an invisible sensory field (if you don’t want glowing circles or some such appearing around vehicles).


Have your vehicles interact with the environment in some way. For example, when a vehicle runs into a source, perhaps it destroys the source. Other vehicles could create sources. Vehicles could lay trails that other vehicles respond to. A vehicle could have multiple ways of moving (flying under certain conditions, moving on the ground under other conditions, etc).

Due: Tuesday November 14