Assignment 3


Create a subclass of PImage that implements a mosaic(int blockSize) method. The blockSize parameter specifies how big the mosaic block is (e.g. blockSize = 4 would mean the mosaic block size is 4 pixels by 4 pixels). The mosaic method should replace each block of pixels in the image (e.g. if blockSize = 4, each block of 4 by 4 pixels) with the average color value of the pixels in that block. Look at the Pixelate->Mosaic filter in photoshop for an example of what this image operation does. Demonstrate your new class by drawing an image with several different block sizes.


Write a small app that demonstrates kinetic text. Your app should allow the user to type something and move the text around in some why while they type. For example, the user might type text on a line, but slowly the words or letters start drifting apart, or perhaps the line starts bending, or the words and letters flutter to the bottom of the screen, etc. Of course you shouldn't exactly copy any of the typographic in Processing or that you find on the web (though using such examples for inspiration, as a place to start modifying code, etc. is fine).


Due: Tuesday October 24